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Alternator - Charge System Diagram

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Alternator Charging System Diagram (8K)

Key to Diagram.

    1. a. Stator
    2. b. Rotor
    3. c. Condenser
    4. d. Contact Breaker
    1. e. Positive Diodes
    2. f. Negative Diodes
    3. g. Excitation Diodes
    4. h. Charge Light
    5. i. Ignition Switch
    6. j. To the Loads
    7. k. To the Ignition Coil
  5. CAPACITOR 2.5 uF, 50v

Exploded Diagram of Components

Exploded diagram of components (5K)

Key to Diagram.

  1. Insulation plate with excitation diodes
  2. Diode plate - positive
  3. Diode plate - negative
  4. Rotor
  5. Holding bracket
  6. Stator
  7. Main alternator casting
  8. Carbon brushes
  9. Carbon brush holder
  10. Retaining clamp

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The Alternator

Sectional drawing of the MZ alternator (12K)

The alternator is a three-phase 8 pole synchronous generator in star connection.

The rotor carrying the exciter winding and the slip rings is fastened to the taper end of the crankshaft.
The stator accommodating the polyphase winding is centred in the engine casing and together with an aluminium die casting cap carrying the contact breakers and the carbon brushes, fastened by 3 screws through the outside casing of the stator.

The exciter current for the creation of the magnetic field is branched off the stator windings and rectified by three additional exciter diodes and 3 negative power diodes.

The excitation current is fed to the excitation winding from terminal 61 via the regulator, the carbon brushes and the slip rings.

The MZ alternator has good self excitation properties and operation without a battery is possible.

Alternator Technical Data
Identification No. 8046.2
Voltage 14 v
Idling Speed 1300 rpm
Speed at 2/3 maximum current 2200 rpm
Maximum Speed 10 000 rpm
2/3 of maximum current 10 A
Maximum Current 15 A
Resistance of rotor winding 4.2 +/- 0.3 ohm
Length of carbon brush 16 mm
Length of carbon brush (minimum) 9 mm
Carbon brush spring force 1.4 to 3.2 N
Slip rings (minimum dia.) 31 mm
Eccentricity 0.05 mm
Torque for rotor fastening screw 20 +/- 2 Nm (2 +/- 0.2 kpm)
Rotation Clockwise
Polarity Negative Earth

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The Rectifier

MZ rectifier (9K)

Rectifier for MZ Alternator 12v 15A

  1. 6 x spade connections
  2. diode plate (negative)
  3. diode plate (positive)
  4. insulation plate with excitation diodes

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