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MZ Related and Other Links

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I have tried to present an MZ site that hopefully may be of some use and keep the download times to a minimum. There are many excellent sites that detail the history of the marque and have good pictures of the individual models. I have listed those and other related sites below.

I must apologise for all the dead links - when I get some time I'll sort them out. Perhaps, it's just added retro charm with all the broken AOL links! SW May 2021

Let's Go Camping! Useful information if you're going motorcycle camping.
UK Dealers Addresses and telephone numbers of UK based dealers.
Official UK MZ Riders Club Updated and much improved, up to date notices and events.
Finnish MZ Riders MZ Riders of Finland
MZ Racing Details of MZ Racing, regulations, circuits, dates and results
MCN goes MZ Racing Details of MZ Racing from a recent Motorcycle News article.
MZ Outfit Racing Mr. Wegg goes MZ Sidecar Racing, insane. . .
Watsonian - Squire Watsonian - Squire, Sidecar Manufacturer UK Motorcycle Site, covering many aspects of biking
BMF British Motorcycle Federation, campaigning for British motorcyclists.
Yuasa Batteries A good source of information
Pure Research Online suppliers of EDTA (see article on EDTA)
OS Stainless Stainless steel MZ exhausts (and other machines), fasteners and brake components
The Rat Bike Zone Rusty black motorcycles galore
Merlin Books A direct link to Merlin Books MZ stock. Manuals, history etc.
Lacing Wheel Rims Explained
Tyre Mounting How to change your own tyres, without breaking sweat.
Seized Fasteners Not really a major MZ fault, but useful to know just the same.
Helpful info on this page, but really annoying music. .

Motorcycle Technical Links

A comprehensive set of links to motorbike related technical sites.

If you have any suggestions, your own tips and modifications etc., or (constructive) criticisms please feel free to email me.

Mail me before you send large attachments, please!